It is late summer in a small Northern California coastal town.
As always, 18-year-old friends Josh and Ben are spending their vacation in a remote beach hut belonging to Ben's father. Waves break on the shore. They hang out with friends. Life is easy and full of hazy expectation. One day, 30-year-old Elena turns up and moves into the deserted house on top of the cliffs at the other end of the beach. Josh immediately feels drawn to Elena´s mysterious aura, while Ben thinks she is simply crazy. When Josh accidentally stumbles across an intimate moment between Ben and Elena, an unspoken rivalry creeps into their friendship. Josh finds it difficult to express his feelings and withdraws into himself, while Ben is thrown into an amour fou with Elena, neglecting Josh in the process. Both boys are entering into unknown territory and risk losing each other. In the end a rush of emotions provokes an enigmatic event, and Josh is left as the sole witness to the summer that changed everything.
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